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Being Guided by Faith Through the Pandemic

Being Guided by Faith Through the Pandemic

How trusting Spirit supports awakening through difficult times


Trusting Spirit

The guidance of Spirit may assist the everyday aspects of life. There is a lot of misunderstanding about what that means. It is living in faith. Living in faith is a discipline that requires being mindful of aligning to Spirit and allowing this power to guide life every day. I’m not always great at it, but I can manage to trust in the guidance of my teacher in the Spirit realm most of the time.

Spiritual wisdom has been actively guiding me for years. Knowing how to differentiate between Spirit and my ego has taken time, patience, an acute awareness of my thoughts, and understanding of my feelings. I also must be proactive in defining and redefining intentions as they shift to keep on my path and work with Spirit.  

Being in faith goes against everything the ego tells me and wants me to believe.

The ego says things are scary and fearful. The ego says what I do is not practical. The ego says I’m delusional for trusting my invisible friends. The ego says not to trust Spirit with my life, livelihood, health, money, relationships, and so on.

After practicing having faith in my Spirit Guides for decades, I have found that the ego is always wrong, and Spirit is always right. To work with Spirit, you must let go of your beliefs, expectations, and prejudices for answers uninfluenced by ego. Understanding when Spirit is responding or when it is ego telling you what to do, and then being confident in knowing that difference is a level of mastery that is achieved through diligence, time, and awareness. I have built trust in a higher consciousness through that mastery that cannot be defined or even proven to exist.

My teachers in Spirit tell me many things about our current events, and I wish to share my process of having faith through the pandemic and about feeling protected.

How Spirit Protects

Let’s start with feeling protected. I have worked on feeling free of fear for the past years as I have worked with Spirit. I have absolute and total trust they protect me from harm. It has taken ages to get here, and I have done a lot of work with Spirit to build that level of absolute trust.

But it is not magic that I am protected. Protection is a mutual agreement.

Spirit may only help the person who gives them their complete trust and absolute faith that help from Spirit is possible. We must give Spirit the power to help us first by asking, then surrendering all worry over not being protected.

If you feel fear, you are not allowing Spirit to protect you. If you feel worried, you are not giving Spirit power to help you. If you doubt that Spirit can help you, then they cannot help you at all. To get over this, you can always check into your feelings and ask Spirit to help you trust them to protect you.

As I said, this is a co-creative and cooperative agreement, so if you have trouble trusting them, ask them for help to trust them. Then keep asking for help, protection, or anything else you like while also asking for help building faith and trusting them.

Aside from your request for their protection and your trust that they can help you, you must put in a little practical effort yourself. Because if you are not willing to do everything to protect yourself, how can you expect another (even God) to be more interested in your well-being than you are?

Doing your part tells the Universe that you want to be protected and are willing to do all it takes on your end to be protected. If you aren’t serious about looking out for yourself, neither is Spirit; this is an aspect of the Law of Reflection.

For example, I know I will not get in an accident, but I do wear seatbelts. If I don’t wear a seatbelt because I think Spirit will protect me, then Spirit cannot protect me. For them to protect me - when I will not - would be against the Law of Reflection and the Law of Non-Interference.

These universal and sacred laws govern how the higher powers interact with us and are a lifetime study. Although, this piece is not about the Sacred and Universal Laws, for now, know that Spirit must follow those laws.

It is not a good idea to jump out of an airplane without a parachute and expect Spirit to save you for the reasons above. No matter how much faith you think you have, they cannot save you because you are unwilling to save yourself by using a parachute. They will not save you if you have no regard for your safety. Do not test their power and your faith by doing dangerous things. Spirit will not pass the test or even try to.

Spirit will not save you from yourself.

Expecting Spirit to save you is victimhood, not faith. Relinquishing all responsibility for your actions is victimhood, and Spirit supports our empowerment. They ask us to be responsible for our actions.

There is a misconception that those taking precautions in the pandemic are living in fear. They are not. They recognize danger and are awake to their responsibility of protection - this is a spiritual way of being.

Everything Serves a Purpose

On a spiritual level, to understand why we had a tragedy or why we have hardships, we look not at the event itself to see why it happened but look to the aftermath to see how it changed us. Getting perspective on the benefits of a tragic event helps us to know that there is a purpose working on our behalf in our life. If we can never see the benefit of a difficult event, we reject an opportunity for growth and risk repeating it.

When global events occur, it works on the collective conscious level just the same as on a personal level. This tough time has given us an opportunity to evolve through shared experience across borders, races, cultures, and ideologies.

The pandemic guidelines and precautions require us to be mindful of our surroundings and the other people in our space, be responsible for caring for ourselves and be compassionate and respectful towards others. We don’t all need to grow from this for humanity to benefit. Just a small percentage of us is enough for our collective to evolve and not need to repeat this experience with another pandemic or global disaster.  

Our collective human experience can create an awakening that blesses all the world because of how we respond to this time. No hardship comes without a gift. Some in the spiritual world insist that a sinister force is creating ways to control the population through the pandemic.

From a spiritual perspective, no one can control another, least of all an awakened spiritual person. The Earth is the realm ruled by the Law of Free Will, and if you are a spiritually awake being, you can release the fear of covert manipulation. You cannot say you have power over your reality and also believe you are controlled. Conspiracy theories are not for those who sincerely look to Spirit to walk a spiritual path. Let go of the idea of sinister forces, so you have the freedom to grow and live to your full potential.

Compassion is the Way of the Future

As we wait for all the ways we will benefit from this experience on a global level to be understood, we can be sure of one benefit. With each tragic and traumatic event, we always have the opportunity to awaken compassion.

I think of compassion as holding someone’s hand and walking through the tough times together. We are all on this journey and are experiencing life through this time no matter where we are on Earth. If you can imagine holding your hand out to another without judgment, you have the gift of compassion.

Our consciousness is evolving. We are growing to an elevated state of being. We are becoming advanced through our heart’s awakening, our spiritual connection, and our soul’s remembrance. The first step on this path to advancement is compassion.

The first gift is compassion. Let us take it with gratitude.  

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