Janet Kadow
Wednesdays with White Eagle and Janet
Asking the Universe vs Asking Spirit

Asking the Universe vs Asking Spirit

When we manifest we can use either the power of Spirit or the power of the Universe. Although it seems that it wouldn’t matter since, in essence, we are tapping into a power greater than our own, it does change how things manifest in our lives and whether or not we will get what we want.

The universe is the consciousness of the physical world on a quest to experience all the potentials of existence in every way possible. The Universe experiences everything through the perceptions of life (i.e. you).

Spirit is helping you reach your potential and is helping guide you through life. Spirit does help manifest but will focus on helping you manifest what is in your highest good to manifest.

Listen in to hear the details of the wonderful dynamic between the Universe and Spirit!

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Janet Kadow
Wednesdays with White Eagle and Janet
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